Where are...

  1. ...the cittas and citta rosas? I desperately need to find a BV in both :confused1: Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  2. No more at the outlets... and I'm kinda hesitant to buy from evilbay :sweatdrop: but I guess if that's it I'll have no choice then...
  3. Just make sure there are enough good photos to check the authenticity, and check the seller's feedback. I'd never bought anything off eBay before I discovered tokidoki -- but now I've bought things from 9 different sellers and had really good experiences with all of them. If there's something you want, you can always post here asking if anyone has bought from that seller before.

    (PS: avoid karyna07, all her bags are fake!!! :cursing: )
  4. ^thanks for the advice!!!
  5. I went toki-hunting yesterday and I saw a ton of citta and citta rosa print bags at Century 21 here in NYC ... BUT ... they were all corrieres, nuvolas and scuolas.
  6. I love tokidoki, just because my gf is crazy about everything tokidoki, lol.
  7. Lol- my bf just typed that as a joke..lol

    hey tokiangel: did they have anything good placement? I'm going there tomorrow. Did they have any foresta nuvolas?
  8. Aw shucks... I really want a BV or maybe an MM.
  9. yeah..tokidoki angels, do they have any foresta nuvolas with good print placement because SempreII will help me get it..THANKS Sempreii. Are they on further sale ?? maybe not..anyway.. I am also thinking of getting something in Citta / Citta rosa to wear with my Citta Cucciolo...hmmm....