Where are your Mulberries made in?

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  1. I got 4 items of Mulberry. Bayswater made in England; Neely SD made in Turkey; mini Tri-fold and French purse are made in China.

    TBH, I am not really happy the small leather products that I bought were made in China. Although I also know that lots of luxury products are made in China, but if I would have a choice, I will not buy those luxury products made in China. They paid very little money for those Chinese workers, while they sell their products in very luxury price. I am not saying things made in China has bad quality, it's more feeling like while those products are kept rising the price, and also move lots of work to China, in which you can earn more!!

    Yes, you are right. I do not just want to pay for the brand, but also pay for the worker who deserves it! Surely, quality is the number one issue!

    I am not sure whether I explain my feeling well or not...anyway
  2. My ink ant was made in Turkey. I would really like to get my hands on a Mulberry bag made in England, if that is still possible.
  3. 30% of Mulberry's handbags are still made in the UK so they are still around. have fun hunting for one
  4. After reading this I had a look
    Bays,ledbury,Mabel England,
    Snakeskin Roxanne Spain,
    Choc and black Roxanne Turkey,
    Joelle, China.
  5. Powder Sparkle Tweed Alexa: China
  6. Missisippi Bays - made in spain
    Silver cracked bays clutch - made in England :tup:

    And both are really good quality :biggrin:
  7. Oak Alexa - Made in Turkey
  8. Oops, meant to say Turkey! Sorry all. (I'll have to learn to edit posts.)

    I have several Coach bags which were made in China, and they are all very well made.
  9. Chocolate Mini Mabel: China
    Emerald Regular Mabel: England
  10. Bays and Bays clutch: made in England!
  11. all my bags are made in England apart from my mitzy hobo - Turkey.
  12. Elgin in Black, Bayswater in Chocolate, Roxanne in Orange. Mabel in Cognac Saddle, East West Bayswter in Ginger, Small Cameley in Congo: made in England
    Roxanne in Chocolate: made in Spain
    Leah Messenger in Hazelnut: made in China
  13. How annoying the other day someone said no bags were made in China by Mulberry! x
  14. Oak bays for MacBook - Spain
    Black regular Alexa - Turkey
    Black large Maggie - England
  15. I have quite a few but only two made in England... I really don't like that and have decided now to only hunt and not buy if from abroad!