Where are your favourite places in the city you live?

  1. I love cities... love travelling to different cities, love photographing them, love observing them and figuring out how they work. Where do you live? Where are your favourite places to be in that city?

    Berlin, Germany
    I'm new here, but so far my favourite places to be are:
    - any of the beautiful parks here, reading a book
    - quartier 206, a mall with wonderful designer brands and bags!
    - cafe bravo, a cafe with glass walls and ceiling
    - wandering around everywhere, window shopping!
    - in bed with a cup of tea
  2. copenhagen:

    -looking onto the opera house from the other side of the water. i love that view :heart:
    -holly golightly :biggrin:
    -café norden
    -ida davidsen :drool: the best smørrebrød ever!
    -the design museum


    -anywhere by the water, but especially those places by the water where you can buy ice cream :biggrin:
    -café strindberg (but i wish they'd change their sandwiches, i'm soooo bored with them!)
    -café succès
    -helsinki 10, the coolest boutique
    -the design museum


    -parliament- and primrose hill
    -hampstead village
    -the holly bush pub
    -home house
    -tate modern
    -ottolenghi :drool:
    -harvey nicks
  3. well i dont live in newcastle but i commute there. my fav places are fenwicks department store and john llewis department store. fenwicks is about the oldest department store in the country.
    in my home town i love the park thats attatched to the museum and winter gardens, so pretty. and a little amature theatre company near my house. my mothers friend owns a bakery that does the best pastries.
  4. Well, I live in northern Michigan and don't live in a huge city or anything, and we have a lot of great access to the outdoors. Most of my favorite places have to do with places to go hiking, or little spots on the lake (we're right on Lake Superior), or places to go snowshoeing. There's a little coffee shop that I could spend all day in. I also love my parents' backyard (they recently added this tiled outdoor patio area with a waterfall, pond, flowers, etc).
  5. Vicenza Italy -

    Monte Berico- Big old church with a viewpoint where you can look down and see all the nearby cities and mountains

    Camisano Market - Market in the nearby city of Camisano open every Sunday till 12:00. It Has clothing, Linens,Curtains, Jewelry, Flowers etc... Huge outdoor market

    Ovvio- Furniture store in the Le Pirimidi mall. Has lots of modern furniture and accessories for the home.
  6. New Orleans

    The French Quarter!!!
  7. Love hearing them, ladies! Keep 'em coming!

    Annanas, how come you're so lucky you get to live in 4 places? :0
  8. Austin, Texas
    The Town Lake hike/Bike trail... great people watching, jogging, walking, dog walking spot, lots of shade, all around a lovely lake.
    Local coffee shops... I love Ruta Maya, which often has free, family friendly entertainment in addition to great coffee and pastries.
    South Congress... locally known as Soco.. a great "strip' of vintage shops, restaurants, trendy boutiques, etc. kind of has a "carnival" atmosphere on weekends. great for shopping and people watching.
    My neighborhood.... I live in a nice 'hood pretty close in, and I love to walk and run through my neighborhood with my daughter in the jogging stroller
    Barton Springs Pool... huge, naturally spring fed pool, great swimming, cold water (68 degrees year round) great people watching.
    Sunset Valley farmer's market... great, fresh, locally grown produce every Saturday.
    Neiman Marcus Hermes counter.. for obvious reasons.
  9. My favourite thing to do in The Hague, Holland:

    Is drive to Amsterdam! LOL
  10. NYC- Central Park. Also shopping on Madison Avenue.
  11. Nah, just kidding.

    The Hague is a very relaxed city, although a little quiet. Favourite places include
    * Taking my kids to the petting zoo (there's many and they're open and free throughout the city)
    *Riding to a restaurant for dinner on my bike or down to the "beach"
    *Shopping in De Bijenkorf, along Denneweg or Nordeinde
    *Going to Mauritshaus or the Escher Museum
  12. Are you driving to Amsterdam because you want to smoke cannabis in the red light district, j/k LOL.

    P.S. I have seen so many things in Amsterdam that I thought mankind could not have invented, LOL.
  13. Lol, no Bee.....honest!

    I try to avoid the red light district, but tend to stick around the Museum area (and PC Hooftstraat!)
  14. Anaheim, Ca :heart:

    ::The beaches. (doggy beaches too :smile:)
    ::Goin to Hollywood/LA (shopping).
    ::Hockey games @ The Honda Center (Anaheim ducks) or Staples Center in LA ( LA Kings)
    ::Not so much of a baseball fan but Angel's games are fun.

  15. Houston:

    Kemah Boardwalk (So fun! Shopping, dining and boat rides and more!)
    Death by Chocolate (in Kemah- a live theatre dinner place where the diners are the actors! SO FUN!)
    The Galleria mall (my faves in there are LV and Neiman's!)
    The Natural Science Museum (they always have a fun new exhibit!)
    The Toyota Center (For TONS of events and concerts they have! The Red and White bistro inside is fab too!)
    The Melting Pot restaurant! It's soo fabulous!
    Sambuca- Jazz cafe
    The Rose Garden- Smells so good when in bloom!

    There is more I just can't think of it all now!