Where Are You ?

  1. When I'm on the The Purse Forum , I'm sitting either at my desk at work, or I'm sitting at my desk in the dining room at home.

    Where are you ?
  2. Sitting in my room posting on the Purse Blog and forum... I still have the lights off because I'm still sleepy- and for some reason I'm watching a special on use of Steroids in baseball... even though that doesn't really interest me
  3. Currently, I'm sitting on the sofa in my living room, with a rather heavy laptop on my lap. :smile:
  4. I'm at work sneaking downstairs to use the computer to log on the pf.
  5. At the Four Seasons in Fab NYC in my hotel room with a view overlooking the ever so green Central Park.

  6. Lucky you, janice!!! :biggrin:
  7. I'm sitting on the floor in my walk-in closet with my laptop and trying to organize my sunglasses collection at the same time. :biggrin:
  8. I am lying on my bed surrounded by pillows.
  9. I'm on my sofa in my living room, watching tv and posting on the pf.
  10. I'm in the computer room, doing Maths at the same time.. :wacko:
  11. I just had some major surgery on Wednesday, so I am confined to a recliner in my bedroom. I'm limited on what activities I can perform, so here I sit posting on tPF and doing a little internet shopping as well!
  12. I'm sitting on the floor in my living room, since I don't have a sofa anymore :P
  13. At home, sitting at my desk. Hubby and daughter just left for a "kids fair" at our gym. Just me and the cat......ahhhhhhhh....the house is so quiet. Love it!
  14. Sitting on my bed, with my dogs, watching E! News Weekend.
  15. In my living room, at my desk. Trying to get enough energy to clean up