Where are you when you're on this Purse Forum?

  1. Are you in your bedroom? At the office? In the family room?

    Let me just say that I must be totally obsessed: I am in the KITCHEN!!! COOKING!!! :rolleyes: :lol: My husband's laptop is on the counter. He walked in, looked at me, smiled and shook his head out of pity.:shame: :roflmfao:
  2. In my room. I used to do it at work too, but I'm starting training for my new job Friday so I think PF at work is over now.
  3. Split between the family room and my bedroom. At the moment I'm in the family room.
  4. at home, in my bedroom mostly.
  5. we have wireless, so just depends what I am doing. Usually it alternates between the family room and my study.
  6. My dorm room mostly.
  7. the living room. or basically where ever i can drag my laptop along with me.
  8. my bedroom. :smile:
  9. in my bedroom...all comfy with tons of pillows on my bed, and lifetime on the tv...lol...or some other girly show!
  10. My den,and I listen to background music while viewing :smile: .
  11. Usually at the dining room table, or at work in my office!!
  12. My room or my bf's place. I can't log in at work which has been driving me nuts lately.
  13. home office or work
  14. sunporch! :smile: it's where our home office is set up.
  15. usually in the family room using the main pc.
    or sometimes i bring the laptop to the patio or dining table.