Where are you when you are here?

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  1. I spend my office time on the purseblog. :biggrin: I am working on buying more purses...lol - okay, doing research on buying more purses? :lol:

    I was just curious where the rest of you usually are when you are on the purseblog forums?
  2. I am always at home, usually laying on my favorite chaise. (I do not work so I have no office to be at.)
  3. During the day when I post, I'm at work. In the evenings I'm at home on my couch, with CNN in the background and one or both of my cats sitting beside me :biggrin: I shouldn't log on so much at work, but this place is addictive!
  4. usually at home on my laptop! i can't really look at work, i'm too busy there, but once in a while i'll sneek a peek.
  5. Day=@ work in my office--where my shopping is interrupted by work
    Night=@ home in my office--uninterrupted!!! =)
  6. I am so bad...at work when the phone rings and I am reading a good bag thread I answer the phone irritated and "put-out". Luckily, I am the boss; because I don't think my handbag obsession would be tolerated by many. :amuse:
  7. Im at home on my laptop while doing sum home work and chatting to friends!
  8. At home on my laptop while my baby is sleeping, or really engaged. Mommy doesn't get to go out much anymore, this is my source of ENTERTAINMENT. *sigh* but LOVE MY BABY!!!!
  9. While working thankfully I too run the office and the owner loves bags as well. He will come by and ask what he can get for his wife!Of course, home too, I would go thru withdrawl if I didn't log on.
  10. i've always been at home since i just signed up this week and it's winter break. but school starts back up tomorrow :sad: so i'll probably start logging on when my teachers aren't looking or i might just have to bring my laptop to school and peruse the board during lunch and in the morning :amuse: because i can't get enough of this site!!! my school has wireless internet
  11. I'm always at home. I am a court reporter so there's no way I can visit the purseblog while I'm working.:sad:
  12. i'm usually at my boyfriend's house on my laptop when i post, but this week i'm at home in my parents' house
  13. Wow, that is an exciting line of work to be in.

    Can you share suit information with your family or do you have to abide by confidentiality agreements about the cases you report?
  14. correct me if i'm wrong, but i do believe that court cases are public record. i had an internship in the cobb county courthouse and i was never told to not repeat what i heard or saw.
  15. i'm always at home on my laptop.