Where Are You Metallic Blue Maddy???

  1. Ok - is been a week since I purchase the jc radiant - and still have not used it - lol - but i really really really love this one the color is just beautiful (2 me at least)- that i MUST have ASAP - I CANT FIND IT anywher - DO you girls know where or who or when theyll be available ????? I think im gonna go crazy here if i dont have it ......
    maddy1.jpg mmm.jpg
  2. love the color! wow!
    good luck - keep on looking you will find one :smile:
  3. I saw someone buying this months ago and was EXTREMELY jealous! Good luck with your search!
  4. If you wouldn't mind the Mahala-size instead, I just saw the electric blue Mahala at the Jimmy Choo near 5th Ave. The number there is 212-593-0800.
  5. Thanks so much - I actually saw it online 2 - still thinking about it - but prob I will get it......