where are you IVORY CAVIAR?

  1. Has anyone seen the Caviar in Large or Medium in the ivory colour? Europe, or America?

    I am from Aus but am keen to order from overseas if that's what it takes!
  2. Which bag? The Flap?
  3. I saw plenty of Ivory Classics in Paris this May. Its gone in the USA though.
  4. aww it's gone?? really?? I asked they saleswoman at NM in SF and she said they MIGHT but she had no idea when :sad: It was going to be my second Chanel... once I get my first :smile:
  5. which one?

    Maybe one of us has seen one?
    Tote, flap, Grand Shopper. . . .
  6. NM in KOP had one recently in a jumbo.
  7. oh im so sorry girls i am after the classic flap!!
  8. and thanks for the heads up re: paris, i will give them a call.
  9. My Chanel says they are out of ivory everywhere. They alway seem to ooh and aah over my Ivory jumbo. They do that with most discontinued bags though, so i was assuming it was in fact gone in the US. But who knows with Saks and Neiman. They are not in the computer.
  10. thanks luccibag. do you find it is easy to maintain your ivory jumbo? i guess that is the only thing i am worried about.
  11. Yes its pretty easy. It had color transfer on it once but saddlesoap and water removed every trace of it. Caviar is so durable. Ivory goes with everything but white too. Very easy to use. I really do love mine.