Where Are You Going? Vacation 2008

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  1. Where's everyone planning to vacay this year?

    My hub and I will be going to Vegas at some point and my daughter will skate in a competition in Denver in July.

    What is everyone else doing?
  2. I'm going to Lake Tahoe at the end of the month, London in March, and hopefully DH and I will go to Hawaii in May for our anniversary. After that, I'm not sure!
  3. i hope to visit some friends in LA in the next few months, possibly beijing to visit my parents and some friends during the summer, and probably vegas again in nov w/ the bf. if not beijing, im thinking maybe somewhere in the carribean or florida might make a nice vacation.
  4. Taking a weekend trip to Woodbury commons in a few weeks.. going to North Conway, NH for a long weekend in february... Toledo, OH in June for a few days for a friends wedding.. and Mexico (mayan riviera) for a week in July. Not sure about the 2nd half of the year yet..

    Great thread :smile: I love to hear about ppl's vacations and trips!
  5. Austin, TX, March 12-16 for the South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival :supacool:

    Marathon, Florida Keys, August 2-16 for fishing, lobstering and of course, drinking! :nuts:
  6. dam girl - look me up for your Austin trip. I will try to help with travel tips!!!
  7. not vacaca.. but I am going again to Taiwan on January 13-25. I am in j so thanking my lucky stars. Of course I am working 20 hours a day so.... lol

    Feb 6-10 - skiiing

    Mar-April - 3 ea AUS SEA MR.

    May - honeymooon - still working out trips

    June-SEPT - MR to ANC

    OCT-DEC - BF vaca to Europe - most likely Helsinki. woot.
  8. Going to London and Italy in the middle of this month, first trip of the year :wlae:
  9. My DH and I are going on a cruise in the fall and will probably go to the beach this summer. Other than that, no other plans though I would like to take him and his sons to San Diego in the spring.
  10. Christine, where are you in Austin? We used to live there, still own a few properties there. Great place to live:tup:
  11. I have a trip planned in the beginning of February to go visit my friend in Delaware. I'm leaving town for Mardi Gras. I'd like to take another vacation somewhere else in the summer but haven't made any plans.
  12. Going to Panama in May and Minneapolis sometime in June.
  13. Every year I go somewhere internationally.

    This year I'm getting married in Puerto Rico and honeymooning in Costa Rica.

    I'll also be going to the WMC in Miami for the 6th year in a row. Anyone want to come along??

    I've got a wedding to attend in Tallahassee.

    I'll probably visit some pfers and my brother in SF.

    NYC to visit the folks and see my best friend!
  14. End of January...VEGAS, BABY!! A bunch of us girls go play in a womens hockey tournament in Vegas every January. No DHs, no BFs allowed, LOL. It's an absolute riot. I can't wait! Who cares if we hardly ever win a game? We're competitive alright, but NO ONE has as much fun as we do.
  15. We are planning a trip to Ohio in April for my Grandpa's birthday, then we will drive over to Washington DC to visit my SO's Uncle, then down to Arkansas to visit my best friend! Planning on being gone about 3 weeks.

    We are *thinking* about a trip up to Portland in July to visit a friend of ours who just moved there.

    Going to Hawaii in August for my SIL wedding.

    Probably a weekend trip to San Diego sometime during the year.