Where Are You Going This Year?

  1. Hong Kong in November :smile:
  2. Hawaii, Guam, Tokyo & Hong Kong in September!! :cloud9:
  3. Well, things are never done till they're done.
    Jan - south of France
    Apr - Brittany, London
    May - Geneva
    Jun - London, Frankfurt
    Aug - Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey
    Oct - California

    New in the pipeline: Berlin, Bologna
  4. I just arrived in Portugal today, doing a semester of school here from Canada
    I will be flying to Italy tomorrow, and Spain next week with friends.
    At the end of September I am going to Crete in Greece, then Munich Germany.

    December: Swizterland for Xmas
  5. lets meet Im in Greece but in a different island!bummer!!
    have a nice vacation in Crete, its a beautiful island :graucho:
  6. Hawaii, Napa and we are trying to plan something to either the Eastern Caribbean or Cozumel.
  7. from Europe to NY in october
  8. going to Manila on October
  9. Barbados in 2 days. I can't wait!
  10. Flying back to New York in 2 weeks :smile::smile:
  11. Paris for the coming winter soldes! Bonjour ...
  12. Going to Frankfurt for the weekend!
  13. Dublin in a week! Then again at Christmas :smile: Oh the joys of a LDR.
  14. Florence and Paris for Thanksgiving
  15. What I have left of the year

    October: Belgium-Brussels
    November: US-NYC + Niagara Falls. Denmark-Copenhagen (Haven't been in years, very exited)
    December: Germany-München (Christmas Market). UK-London (Christmas play and shopping)