Where Are You Going This Year?

  1. We recently booked the tickets for our honeymoon in September. Going to Singapore, Dubai and Europe (haven't decided on all the places yet apart from Paris and several cities in Italy).

    Mr TFFC also has a work conference in Asia in August, but the destination won't be confirmed until at least mid February. Fingers crossed it's Hong Kong!
  2. Going to Antigua at the end of February

    Most likely going to Washington DC in June

    Other than that, probably just a few weekend trips to Chicago (I live in a suburb).
  3. So far, a few trips in the UK where we live.

    July in Paris (hubby buying my 1st Chanel bag!!)

    November in NYC again!!
  4. I'm going to Hawaii in May and then to Panama after that!
  5. I'll be going to Miami in March and New Jersey/New York in April.

    Then before I go home to Norway again I hope to go to either California or Mexico. When I go back to Norway again, I'll travel a bit around Norway to see my friends and family.. and then I want to go to the UK to see my old roomate.
  6. Nice in April. Sydney in May and October. Melbourne sometime in March/April, not sure yet.
  7. I definitely disagree. Jamaica is amazing!! The people, the culture, the scenery, the food... such an awesome place!
  8. Los Cabos and Las Vegas
  9. I'm going to Spain and Italy in March! I can't wait!!
  10. Japan in the summer but mostly I'm going to be in Osaka and visiting around the Kansai region. So basically going to Kyoto and Nara as well. It should be fun but I'm sure it's going to be hot and humid.
  11. Cabo in May! :tup:
  12. Hoping to go to Scotland, Las Vegas, Montreal, and an Alaskan cruise. But that may just be wishful dreaming on my part
  13. What part of Scotland???

  14. Well, we particularly love Skye, but I'd also have to see Edinburgh again, and I am determined to get to Mull one of these days- the last time, the darn ferry was only running twice a day, and we got up 30 minutes too late! I'd also love to see Kilmartin again- the standing stones fascinated me. All in all, I'd just be happy to be pretty much anywhere there- it's pretty much my favorite place on earth :smile:. I envy you guys!! Such an amazing and beautiful country!
  15. I love the scenery here too - particularly up north. I live in Aberdeenshire so just up from me at the River Dee - amazing!! Edinburgh is my favourite city in Scotland - totally love it there!!