Where are you going for your next vacation?

  1. I love travelling! If I'm not going on a long 2-3 week vacation, I enjoy taking short trips. I've already bought my tickets and booked my arrangements for my next trips.

    In February, we're going for a long weekend in Vienna, Austria to attend a ball at the Hofburg Palace and watch an opera at the Vienna State Opera House.

    In March, we're going for 1 week to Prague, Czech Republic ... my 43rd country to visit!

    What about you? Where are you going next?
  2. I am going to Florida for a week in Jan, can't wait as we just got hit with a snow storm

    Going to Paris, 2nd week of May for my birthday

    Going to Spain the end of July.

    2008 is a busy travel year for me :yahoo:
  3. Going to Nebraska to visit my SOs mom but it's not really a vacation. My next one is to Southern California in April and then hopefully Europe in the summer.
  4. Disney on Valentines Day!:heart:
  5. I have no clue!! Bart wants to go to Belgium sometime soon to visit his mom and siblings...so maybe Brussels? lol
  6. Going to Myrtle Beach, SC for 1 week in April and for 2 weeks in July. My family has a house right on the beach, so it's a nice free vacation for me :graucho:
  7. BF and i are going back to boston in june for 2 weeks for a wedding. we also want to take a trip to vegas some time next year.

    i'm assuming my mom and i will take short shopping trips throughout the year to oahu :smile:
  8. I'm on vacation right now in Germany. As for our next vacation, I am not sure where we will go. Vlad wants to go skiing, so we might make it to the Alps before the season is over! He would be thrilled :yes:
  9. I'll be off to South Africa late next summer.
  10. We have 2 short trips coming up, that aren't really vacations - NYC (we go a bunch since my fiance is from there, lots of theater and visiting with friends) and Florida (visiting his parents). But as of now, my next actual fun trip I have planned, Buenos Aires! I'm excited since I have never been to South America, and I am looking forward to a vacation where looking at the dollar's conversion doesn't make me want to cry!!:p
  11. Paris in February for now. I know I'll be going somewhere else soon after, but I don't know where yet. I'm so busy lately, I usually don't let that much time pass between travels. :s
  12. I'm going to San Diego on Friday, then for my birthday in January, I'm going to Hawaii, the day we arrive back home, we're going to Reno, and we want to go somewhere tropical in July for our anniversary.
  13. we're planning to go to China in May...any good shopping ideas?
  14. Hmm.. I don't know. Maybe Vegas or San Francisco... anywhere as long as there's shopping!!
  15. NYC for Xmas - visiting family

    Taipei, Taiwan - aka Asia Vacation (not really.. lol. it's for work)

    Skiing - TBD Heavenly or Denver - still looking for a place to stay so it could be either. Anyone know of a ski-in/out for less than $100/night?? Yeah... didn't think so..