Where are you from?


Where are you from?

  1. USA

  2. Canada

  3. Europe

  4. Austrailia

  5. Asia

  6. Pacific Islands (Indonesia, etc)

  7. Middle East

  8. Other

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  1. I know this is similar to an earlier thread, but I just wanted to get asmpling of where everyone's from. I'll start: I live in Sacramento, California (the valley:biggrin: ).
  2. Hi!

    Please post your thread in the correct forum - I moved this one to General Discussion :biggrin:

    Thanks! :nuts:
  3. Oops! So sorry!
  4. I'm in the US of A! I was born in the Philippines.
  5. im other - New Zealand! woo hoo! i'm so far away from everything - it makes me sad
  6. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  7. ^^^ I was wondering what other meant...

    I'm from the USA! East coast. NJ here. lol
  8. Toronto, Canada!
  9. I'm from England now living in NYC.
  10. I'm in the USA right now. Born and raised in the Philippines.
  11. I wish I was born somewhere cool... just born in Cleveland Ohio!
  12. sacramento, cali as well..
  13. From Dallas....living in Hong Kong:smile:
  14. i'm from malaysia but i go to school in buffalo, new york now

    and FYI: indonesia is part of asia, not the pacific islands ;)
  15. canada!