Where are you from?

  1. I thought it would be fun to see where everyone from the LV forum is from!

    Don't post your exact address for safety reasons (duh)... but feel free to put what state or country you are from... It should be fun to see how diverse our forum is!!

    Well I'll start... and I reside in Indiana! lol (dull... i know... don't remind me!) lol
  2. Awesome thread! :tup: I'm from Brooklyn, New York!
  3. California!
  4. Modesto, California.
  5. California....
  6. maui :smile:
  7. lol! ALOT of California!!! I should have seen that coming! :smile:
  8. England, suburbs of London when at home otherwise stuck up north when studying. :smile:
  9. El Paso, Texas
  10. Kailua Kona, Hawaii
  11. Northern California!
  12. .

  13. New Jersey :smile:
  14. Interesting places!
  15. About 10 min. from San Francisco, CA