Where are you from? What do you eat for breakfast?

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  1. I love breakfast! I love to try new breakfast foods. I am also fascinated with how other live outside the US - but hey let's start with breakfast first. Ok I am in Phx and 85% of the time i have cereal. Sometimes pancakes or french toast. Very rarely do I have a huge breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes. Love it but don't eat it very often. What about you?
  2. I live in the south and I eat a Clif protein bar (not the regular ones) or a Power Bar for breakfast during the week. On the weekends, I love to make omelets with veggies, cheese, and bacon. I'm not a fan of pancakes, waffles, or muffins because they make me tired.
  3. I'm from the UK & usually have two slices of toast for breakfast, sometimes I have cereal though.. but usually toast because I'm in a rush!

    Very occasionaly I have scrambled egg on toast.. but that's only about once or twice per yer.
  4. I live in TX and today and most days that I eat breakfast I have 1 or 2 eggs with spinach. Today I ate 2 turkey breakfast sausage links too. I very rarely eat a high carb breakfast.. like pancakes ETC.. I feel so bloated all day if I do.
  5. heyy thats so cool youre from pnx.. I just came back from Arizona, spent most of the time in sedona... Loved it there, Arizona was mad chill compared to jersey...
    back to topic, i don't eat breakfast.. LOL
  6. I'm from TX. I eat cheerios/home made cake for breakfast but I'd rather eat lots of crusty white bread with butter and jam or croissants.
  7. I'm a Malaysian living in Australia. I normally do not have breakfast beside a cup of coffee. But when I do, and if I'm in malaysia, I would normally choose from roti canai (flat bread) with curry, nasi lemak (coconut steam rice) with some sambal, which can easily be bought from little cafe. Or maybe just bread or cereal.

    But since I'm here, if its winter, I love to have porridge (oats porridge) or cereal. Once in a blue moon, we will have some fry-up, ie bacon, sausages, eggs and the works.
  8. I live in Denmark and usually have cereal or fruit for breakfast. And herbal tea. Used to be coffee and cigarettes.
  9. I live in California. I never used to eat breakfast, just a cup of coffee. I'm trying to be more healthy so these days I eat yogurt topped with berries and honey or oatmeal topped with dried cranberries and honey. If I'm really in a hurry I toast waffles and spray them with "I cant believe it's not butter" spray and I eat them in the car.
  10. Live in Cali-I REALLYYYY love grabbing 2 SPECIAL K cereal bars & eating it while sipping on my WARM cup of SOY BEAN MILK! yummmmmm!!!!
  11. I'm from Greece and we barely ever eat breakfast around here! I used to eat nothing but now I drink a coffee with extra milk and maybe a toast?
  12. I'm from Scotland and on most days breakfast is a cup of tea when I get into work. I've been having cereal recently though. On weekends I usually have toast n' bacon. On bad weekends I might have a fry (sausage, potato scone, beans, bacon, fried bread), really cut down on these the last few years though.
  13. I'm from Missouri but I'm currently living in Boston. I'm not HUGE on breakfast food. I will usually eat it if I go out for breakfast. On the weekdays I have maybe some bran cereal or fruit or maybe toast. On the weekend tho I always make myself a nice big bowl of pasta with red sauce for breakfast! Done that for years and I never get tired of it lol! It's so funny, I make my husband eggs, bacon and toast and myself pasta. He thinks I'm so weird!
  14. usually eggs or yogurt with fruit and a cup of coffee for me...
  15. I live in London, I normally have a croissant and a cup of hot water for breakfast.