Where are you buying your wallets?

  1. Where are TPFer's buying your wallets? I want a new one for Xmas gift from my dh, but don't know what I want, or where he can get the best deal. Please help!!! P.S. Please don't suggest LV! Dh won't do that. Thanks. (Sorry if this is the wrong topic for my thread, but I really need a great deal on a designer wallet.)
  2. I honestly hate Coach bags but LOVE their wallets. I usually get their straight leather ones (with no logo) and I can buy a lot and generally match the color to my other bags.

    Right now, I am also loving this Tano wallet in black - http://www.musthavebag.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=197&category=0

    There are so many options! And it obviously depends on your price range, and if you want logo or not.

    Good luck on your search!
  3. i've always been a fan of lovcat wallets...........they're not that expensive(they top off at $200 max, if even that) and they are designed fabulously. i have a smaller wallet, and let me tell you, they layout of how the compartments are structured (and there are many!) i can fit EVERYTHING in there with out taking up half my purse. i'm even able to fit it in some of my smaller bags. they sell them at Nordstroms, and i beleive Zappos has them too.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to check them out now.
  5. i love my Marc Jacobs zip clutch.
  6. I second the Lovecat wallets! They are cute, but also the most functional wallet I've seen. They have a ton of CC slots a coin zip and divided storage. They are awesome. I got several at Saks Off 5th just about a month ago. They retailed around $150 but I got them for about $80 for the big ones and $65 for the smaller ones.
  7. If you like a fair sized wallet I'd check out Hayden Harnett. I purchased a chocolate clutch wallet and adore it!
  8. i love marc by marc jacobs wallets..they're great and affordable!
  9. i love mine tooooo!

    Gucci had a lot wallets on sale,if the sale is still going on. When i went to Gucci last week, they had a lot of wallets gong for 200 and less.
  10. I bought a couple wallets from the Net-a-porter sale. There are still some available (Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu), maybe you can check those out!
  11. I'm also a fan of Coach wallets. My DH is on his second one and he thinks they're great too. I bought his at Macy's.
  12. I :heart: prada wallets. Sometimes you can find great deals on bluefly..esp with the discount codes!
  13. MJ clutches and MbyMJ wallets are great!
  14. I really like Monsac which Nordies carries (I'm sure other stores carry it too.) They are very well made, the ones I've had lasted for years. I think they cost around $150.
  15. I love my Prada zip wallet. It's a really great material (black saffiano leather) that wipes clean very easily. I got it on sale at Off Fifth for $125 (love those coupons). Before that I've always had Coach leather wallets. I don't particularly like Prada or Coach bags, but I love their wallets. Check out Coach, Off Fifth, or Nordstrom for wallets.