Where are y'all getting the Sun charm???

  1. "Sunny"Freckles here thinks she needs one of those sun charms...where are y'all finding them? Are they in the outlets?

  2. I think some people were finding them at the outlets! Not at mine though - I totally would've snagged one!
  3. yup, outlets have em here and there. mine had em wednesday, none friday, then more yesterday. we'll see tomorrow
  4. I don't live near an outlet! Too bad too. I've been wanting the sun charm for a long time! (well, seems long to me!) LOL!
  5. I saw ONE at the Wrentham Outlet in Massachusetts last week. I picked it up and walked around with it but ended up putting it back as I couldn't justify the purchase. I believe it was $16...but I could be wrong. It didn't match anything I had and the line at the outlet was ridiculous (and I was with the DH) so I couldn't. Oh well. :nogood:
  6. So, can I call the outlets and have them hold it for me? I have a friend coming to see me in a couple of weeks and she'll be driving by two of them...OR, can I have them ship it to me?

    Thanks, everyone for your help!
  7. I've seen them at the outlet, too. You can ask them to hold it for you for 48 hours, so I hope you get one!
  8. Seen them at the outlets.
  9. Found it at the outlet a week ago Friday for $16. I didn't see any when I went back today, though!
  10. They are on eBay too!
  11. I didn't see any at the outlet! *pouts* I hope your friend can pick one up for you!!
  12. Wow, I didn't even know there was a sun charm. I guess I'll have to go look for pictures. Sounds like it would go well with my moon and star. :smile:
  13. picked one up at the lancaster outlet for my sister on wednesday, then we saw them this weekend at the leesburg outlets. good luck, i hope you find one. it is actually a key fob, not a charm.
  14. They're at outlets, they are soooo cute!