where are uggs made?

  1. does anyone know the answer to this?

    i have two pairs, and both stated made in australia. the last pair i bought two winters ago.

    thanksgiving weekend i bought my sister a pair at Nordstrom, and today was looking at them and thinking about getting myself a pair in black like hers (mine are chestnut and sand). i was super surprised when i saw made in china on the box, as well as in the tag inside of the boot. when did this happen?!
  2. Classics Short Uggs are made in China and tend to run big. I wear a size smaller than my regular shoes.

    My Ultra Short Uggs are made in New Zealand and run true to size.
  3. i think they made in different places.. I saw some Uggs brand came from Australia..
  4. originally uggs were only really made in Oz. they were made by surfers etc and cost like $20 or something. then an american company bought the name Ugg and made the brand most of us own "Ugg Australia". that is the story i heard anyway

    my sister bought me a pair of uggs from Oz about 10 years ago. everyone told me how ugly they were and they cost her €15 and had no brand name, just bought in a surf shop. then everyone in irl started buying the "Ugg Australia" ones and friends were calling mine fake LOL! i tried to explain that they can't be fake, as to start off they were never branded, just made by people in Oz and cost next to nothing

    anyway eventually i bought a pair of "real Uggs" to fit in with everyone else, but i still have my original ones from Oz and in my heart i believe they are "real"

    sorry for the waffle, just thought i would share
  5. hmmm...any reason why only cs uggs are made in china?

    i checked my ultra shorts, and they too were made in nz, but i bought them years ago during the craze.

    i don't have my ultra talls with me atm.
  6. Both my Classic Short and Classic Mini were made in China. I bought one about a year and a half ago and one last Christmas.
  7. uggs have been made in china since 2004 starting w/ the classic styles.
  8. Mine are form New Zealand and China (I may have gotten one made in Australia, but that was about 5//6 years ago).
  9. in all ugg products came from different places which is has a good quality product?
  10. I'd rate them all the same. I'm not sure if it's because of the style, but I actualy like the ones made from China (Classics) better than the ones made from NZ (Ultra and Sundance).
  11. I have a pair from Australia and a pair from China.
  12. I have two pairs that say made in china and one pair that say made in austraila =/
  13. All of mines are made from China. But my slippers were made in Australia.

  14. Mine say Australia.
  15. I went with my daughter to get winter boots yesterday and of course she wanted uggs .I personally find them without any design or fashionable quality what so ever but she needed boots.while trying them on they tore.
    I then noticed that while the box leads you too believe they are made in Australia the tag inside the boot says made in China.I was not paying $260 for a dolllar store boot .We left both happy (me a little broker)with Canadian made Manitoba muklucks That look way nicer my daughter says more compfortable and if I spend 280 dollars it's gonna be on Quality boots not something made in china