where are u located

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  1. where is everyone from

    Am from Philadelphia , born and raised :smile:
  2. Hey I am from Woden,Texas. It totally rocks here!!! I :love: it sooo much!!! :smile:
  3. I'm from Italy! I live in the North-East of Italy, not so far from Venice :smile:
  4. I'm from Long Island and work in Manhattan.
  5. Manhattan, myself.

  6. Hawaii :smile:
  7. Guam :smile:
    The island life :smile:
  8. vienna/austria
  9. Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Currently up in Columbus, OH... and many times with Vlad over in Bonn and Frankfurt Germany!!
  10. Born in Prague, raised near Frankfurt in Germany, lived in Columbus, OH for 4.5 years, currently in Cbus again for vacation until tomorrow, then Bonn for my last grad school semester - then back to Cbus in march for the thesis.

    Yeah, I get around.
  11. Vancouver
  12. What kind of grad school is it Vlad? :smile:
  13. It's called Media Informatics, a branch of computer science that deals with multimedia contents and distribution over advanced data networks. What can I say, Imma nerd :amuse:
  14. ^^^At least you're a nerd that likes bags! :biggrin:
  15. I'm a Texas Gucciholic!