Where are the "side pockets" on the Paddington?

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  1. hi everyone, still kinda new to chloe bags.

    ive been reading some old posts.. and i keep hearing about these mysterious side pockets on the paddingtons. where are they? are they on the outside of the bag?

    could someone post a picture showing them please. or point them out to me somehow. thanks!
  2. Hi - if you look at a picture of the paddy, you'll see a 'sit flat' pocket both on the front and the back, on the outside. It measures about 9/10 the length of the bag.

    The top of the pocket has a stud in each corner, and is visible if you look just above the top of the side C buckle. The side of the pocket runs almost vertical to the edge of the bag. There is no fastening to the pocket.

    There's also an inside zip pocket and mobile phone pocket.

    Hope this helps!

    (Photo courtesy of http://www.net-a-porter.com)
  3. This paddington is also referred to as the sidepocket paddy:
    A bit hard to see from the pic's but it has two large pockets on the side!
    SIDEPOCKET.jpg creampaddy.jpg