Where are the Neverfulls made?

  1. Hey Neverfull owners, just wondering if yours is made in USA or France? Thanks!
  2. Per my SA, they are all made in the US.
  3. mine says USA =)
  4. My MM is from USA. But I think I saw a pic on tPF of a PM that was made in France. Check the Neverfull Club...
  5. Mine is also made in USA.
  6. Mine is Made in France!
  7. I've never seen US bags in EUrope, I would guess the ones for the european market are made in France and maybe a lot of those in the US are made in the US?

    BTW there's a ten person long waitlist for the GM here! :wtf:
  8. mine is made in france
  9. Mine are made in France. My SA told me that USA bags are for USA market only :shrugs:
  10. MY GM is made France too:wlae:
  11. mine is France....better check the one has side allignment problem and Bleeding are made in USA or France?..since up to know from my bag none of this problem appear....The allignment on both side are OK
  12. I just noticed the side alignment problem in the US made one. thanks
  13. mine is made in france, before i buy a bag, i try my best to search for one made in france because i had a stitching problem w/one made in usa.