Where are the mods for each section listed?

  1. Sorry if this is obvious - where can I find mods for each section? I wanted to re-name my bag showcase but I don't know where to find a mod to do it? Thanks! :sweatdrop:
  2. I am usually the only one that goes into Bag Showcase.
    If you use the old version of tPF {purple} the Mods are listed at the bottom of every main page of each Forum.
    I could't find it on the new version last time I looked.
  3. If you use the pink version of tPF it is at the bottom of the main forum page... Called "View Forum Leaders"

    There is the link above to check it out!
  4. Okay thanks! I'm using the new pink version, so I must have seen the mods listed in the old version! :idea:

    EDIT thank you too Megs!
  5. No prob!!