Where are the Mini Lin Speedys made?

  1. Well, I bought the Neverfull and it seems that the US made have some issues. Just wondering if the mini lin speedy 30s are made in France or US? Thanks.
  2. Hmm... Made in France.
  3. Mine was purchased in a Hong Kong boutique and it's made in France.

    I am not sure, however, if the ones sold in the US are made in the US as well.
  4. I live in the US .. just got this bag early this month. Mine says made in France :yahoo:
  5. :tup:Thanks guys, just got mine today and it says France!!!
  6. where does it say? I bought mine from Saks and both leaves are plain.........I'm confused..

  7. It says on the leaf without the padlock.
  8. Mine also made in France
  9. both my leaves don't say anything.....they're just plain....could you guys help me with it?
  10. I was sooo freaked out and thought mine is a defect and I directly took my speedy to LV store and have the associates look at it.....it's there! the heatstamp! it's barely visible. but it is there! Made in France .......fiuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. That's no defect! :p

    Remember, you're wearing the bag, NOT the heat stamp! ;)