Where are the metallics??

  1. I am interested in the metallics :love: ?

    I put in an offer for susan-eric's bronze first but didn't win. It kills me when a bag goes for a little more than my bid (especially if I would have paid the amount of the winning bid). I should have BIN'd it!! And the pewter first is gone too :sad:. Where oh where is my metallic???

    Does anyone know if Balenciaga is releasing metallics this year???

    Oops I posted in the wrong thread. So sorry. Could one of the lovely moderators please move it?
  2. If you live in the UK, Selfridges in London have a pewter box with silver hardware and they do mail order within the UK, and possibly internationally.
  3. I know. I am dying for more metallics... Metallic bbags are my fav. :heart: :love: :heart:
  4. so will there be any metallics this year for the holidays? i'm thinking that there never was a metalic blue, maybe it's time for one, eh nicolas?????
  5. Wow. That Metallic Gris Work just made me swoon. Gorgeous!
  6. I have a question...do the metallics peel or flake? I'm not a fan of them because I worry about that and since I never gave them a chance, I was just wondering how your metallics are holding up?
  7. No. :sad: There are no more plans for metallics. :cry:
  8. I have a number of the Metallics (2004/5 Holiday) collection:

    1) Red Metallic Makeup
    2) Magenta Metallic City

    I just 'scored' two brand-new metallics (SHOULDER style) from the Balenciaga store in Regello (Incisa), Italy (outside of Florence). Obviously, these had to come from either overstock or stores that just never sold them. I agree ... I like the metallics, but as far as I know, there is no plan to make anymore.

    BTW ... the 2004/5 collection were the only ones where the hardware is the same as the leather (for instance - the magenta metallic has magenta metallic hardware). The later metallics used either the brass or silver hardware. So ... to answer the question about the flaking/peeling ... the leather itself never peeled or flaked, but the hardware can. So far, I've been lucky in that it hasn't happened to my metallics (then again - I have so many B-Bags so they don't get a whole heck of a lot of wear & tear).
  9. :lol: ceejay!
    you're so lucky, i think everyone would like to have so many bbags that they wouldn't know which one to wear first!!!
  10. Ceejay you are my goddess!!! I've been in Reggello 100.000 times and never ever found bbags there!!! How do you do that?!? :wtf:
  11. It was luck ... just happened to be there at the right time I guess. However, since I had such good luck the 1st time ... I went back a 2nd and 3rd time (what a piggie!!!:nuts: )

    However, I got a little inside scoop from one of the sales folks (she was originally from the states) ... that it's best to go there on Tuesday's or Thursday's. In addition, ask them if they have something "downstairs" ... that's how I was able to score the wonderful Brown Leather Aviator bag.
  12. i personally love metallics. i was hoping to buy a bronze this season. darn! so sad. and i have a pewter first and it's held up very well. there is a little bit of rub off but very minimal.

  13. wow, ceejay! lucky! could you maybe post some pictures of your luscious bags up????

    pleaaasseeeee???:yes: :nuts: :flowers:
  14. There's a few metallics on Ebay right now! Go get them! :nuts: