Where are the l'amore bags going to?

  1. I love the l'amore print and I have an amore bella.I was wondering where the l'amore bags are going after the print changes. Will it go to an outlet like the pirata bags or will it go to like loehmanns and stuff? hmmmm.... i wanna discounted l'amore!!!!:yes:
  2. I would love to know the answer to that too. Maybe they will just mark them down at the department stores or maybe loehmann's.
  3. Yes! Me too...I sure would like to know. I still would like to get an zucca in that print.:yes:
  4. Maybe some L'Amore will eventually turn up at TJ Maxx/Loehmanns/Ross/Marhsalls? Someone from the LeSportsac outlet said that they will not be receiving any L'Amore. I kinda doubt Mamma Mia or Zucca will make it to any discount store though. I think those 2 styles have been just too popular to not have been sold at the regular dept store (on sale or even dept store clearance).