Where are the JPG Birkins

  1. I'm interested in trying a JPG Birkin but never see any for sale. My SA told me she doesn't like them and I should not get one. What do you think?
  2. I would love to try one, too! I have a fuscia croc "JPG Birkin Style" bag I bought before knowing it was a copy. I now want the real thing! Do they come in ostrich?
  3. There was an ostrich one from a paris (I think?) window that someone recently posted but they said it was for display only. I have never seen one in person but everybody says they're huge. I've never seen one in the boutiques ever. When did they come out?
  4. I have seen fuschia ostrich JPG with GH and it was STUNNING! :drool: I was told it was a special order. I believe the JPG shoulder birkin made a debut in 2004, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. This is taken from anhermeslover's thread:


    I also know someone who has a beautiful Fuchsia Ostrich JPG birking. It's TDF!! :drool:

  6. That's what my SA told me too! In fact, he started making faces and said that it would be too big for me and I'd end up bumping everyone with the bag....:confused1:
  7. I just receive mine yesterday!

    I didn't order it at all, I just asked my local H boutique whether I can place an order for one & my SA refered me to another H boutique interstate to make a SO, BUT... they actually got one on the floor (in a different colour tho, but still nice), so I paid the full price and they shipped it to my local H Boutique so I can pick it up :wlae:

    It is quite a large bag... i think lenght of it is approx 40cm :biggrin: ... so I guess you can imagine to carry a Birkin 40cm with the bottom cut off :lol:
  8. As with typically all H designs, it's just personal taste. Some love it while others are not so enamoured...

    You should get it only if you, not your SA, like it. Good luck!
  9. most boutiques dont like to keep JPG shoulder birkin in their inventory due to it's slow sale. i know for a fact our local store haven't had one in awhile. its tough to sell them!

    they're pretty cool, IMO. altho a bit heavy, i love mine!
  10. pamp - I agree with your SA.........

  11. :yes:

    I like it because it gives modern twist to a classic look.
  12. LOL! I like the way you describe the JPG Birkin :lol:
  13. I've been using mine quite a bit. But, then I'm tall, and I live in a state where you go by car...always!
  14. I like seeing a JPG on a lady more than a normal birkin.. During my Christmas break in Singapore, I saw this lady carrying the MOST GORGEOUS black box JPG with gold hardware, and she was dressed casually in capris, LV wedges and dVb sunnies. I just went WOW.

  15. erm ... I think it's black clemence. Does not come in box. And I think you saw wongnumber!