Where are the Inferno Stellinas!!

  1. Ok, so probably a handful of you know that Im dying for a Inferno Stellina....though Im not the only one...Annieb is looking for one as well... where did it all go:confused1:

    I sure dont want to get it from eBay at this point because its way overpriced, I would have considered it if it had a real good placement. There seems to be no luck on LJ either ...:shrugs:

    And I just ordered a Inferno MM as a substitute for the Stellina, but still I just dont feel complete! :crybaby: :nuts:
  2. nothing at the outlets? im goin on saturday to woodbury commons, but it's hard to pick a print placement because they take the one from display and bring you one from the back instead :shrugs: :push: I'll see if they have stellinas tho!
  3. So weird that there aren't any around. I haven't seen any infernos in the stores any more. Must have all gone to the outlets and gotten snatched up by the evil eBay snipers :cursing:
  4. yeah, we've called and emailed all three outlets and they don't have any anymore. I had one on hold in Seattle the week before Easter but had a sick kid and holiday...and by the time I called back it was sold and they were all gone!:crybaby:
  5. Given how few show up on eBay I'm thinking people who bought the Inferno Stellina's just really LOVE them! Cause they really are scare. Almost as scare as the Foresta Zucca.
  6. You think they are? Geez...good ole vmasterz loves hunting for the scarce! Foresta and now this style in inferno! Can't believe I had a scarce one on hold and didn't even know it was scarce! :shrugs:
  7. Back in the end of Feb/beginning of March I started a thread about the Woodbury Outlet because I had made a purchase through there...and at the time they had Inferno Stellinas for 97 bucks...I know I cause I got one and posted pictures. One has to pop up on Ebay soon, right?
  8. well they are totally out in the 3 outlets.. :sad: ...wow you scored it for $97?? thats a steal! Im soo jealous! I gotta go back and look at the post because I dont remember seeing pictures! hahaha The last one I saw not too long ago was on ebay for BIN$145..now there are two that are going for $169 and above...*sigh* lol ...

    Im just soo silly to like this print soo late :lol: all because of the red devils :p
  9. you will get your inferno stellina. I can feel it in my bones!
  10. Idk I maybe :nuts: enough to get the one on ebay:confused1: haha..
  11. I didn't say "I feel it in my bones that you will get one for cheap." :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. :lol: great! ...here goes the money hahaha
  13. Hey...it is only $$ and there's a lot more money out there to be made than there are inferno stellinas!
  14. hahah! I guess that means I gotta give up hmm one of my foresta?? :nuts:
  15. if anything I'll check back at century 21 each weekend...something tells me they might show up there!