Where are the high end boutiques in the Caribbean

  1. I am planning a cruise to the Caribbean. Not sure exactly where yet. Possibly, St. Maarten's, St. Thomas, etc. I was wondering which places have the best shopping. My DH said leave it to me to plan a vacation around the shopping.

    I went to Jamaica last year, and I didn't see any high end boutiques. I was in Grand Cayman's as well, and the only thing I saw was a Fendi Boutique inside of a high end jewelry store.

    Please let me know if you know of any good shopping places.

  2. Im in Aruba as we speak..LOL..Im staying at the Renaissnce..Its awesome..It has Gucci,LV,and TONS of cool boutiques that I shall be conquering in the AM before the beach..heehee
  3. I will be on a cruise in May too so I'm very interested in having this info as well.
  4. ^^We will be waiting on a full report. I wish I was there.
  5. ^LOL..Its awesome...88 degrees too..sigh...