Where are the fun colored multipockets??

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  1. all I can find are black or white. I really want a large MP in a fun color like blue, red or green. If you see one, let me know! TIA.
  2. according to look-inc.jp this
    Also comes in: Fuchsia,Black,Lace,

    I think you can find these at a MJ boutique.
  3. I've seen the Fuchsia (looks more like red than pink) at Bloomingdales and the Tangerine at NM. Both are amazing colors!! Saks may have had some brights, too. The in-store colors are different from what are shown on their websites.

    Good luck!
  4. If you can believe it, I called Holt's in Vancouver and they only carry black, tan and ivory YEAR ROUND! The SA has never seen any other colour in 2 years. How can this be?
  5. I always find bright colors on ebay.
  6. I hear ya - the MP is such a safe and classic (not boring but just simple) that I LOVE to see it in crazy colors. I have a green and a light berry on the way and am waiting for the peacock blue (some day) bring on the BRIGHTS!
  7. ahh it was YOU who snagged that small berry MP from me on ebay! haha I couldn't stay up late enough to watch the end of the auction. I'm glad a PF'er got it.
  8. I saw a woman carrying a MP in the Fuchsia this weekend and it is BRIGHT, I mean seriously BRIGHT!

  9. Come to NYC and we can share it! :idea:
  10. aww you're too sweet! please post IRL pics when you get it!! :woohoo:
  11. Check ebay. I briefly noticed cherry blossom, sap green, and denim small multipockets listed. I think also emerald. They looked good at first glance, but always request additional pics for authenticating in this forum ;)
  12. ^ Love sap green and denim.

    I always think the yellow MPs are nice as well, if you can find any.