Where are the 'feet' on LV handbags?

  1. OK, so I want to consider some of the larger LV handbags, but struggling with the lack of 'feet' on the bottom of them. This blog is by far the most visited and I admire the passion about these bags, but how can you place them on surfaces that could damage the leather or fabric? I was in the LV store yesterday on behalf of a neice who wants the Damier Azur Speedy 30...beautiful bag, but who wants to sit it on the floor or any surface that may not be clean. I walked out and did not purchase it for her...I will, but am I silly for caring that it had no 'feet'?

    How are the LV ladies keeping these handbags clean.... thanks
  2. lol, our bags dont touch the floor! no feet = my lap or seat next to me
  3. We don't ever put the bags down. LOL

    Mine don't touch a floor or any surface that may be dirty. I hang mine or hold it.
  4. ^I agree! Our bags rarely if seldom are set on the floor!
  5. Also the canvas is waterproof and easily cleaned.

    The petite bucket has feet.
  6. Right and others have feet as well. You might want to find a bag you like with feet! :shrugs:

    On the other note: I set all my bags even LE on the floor as long as it's not a bathroom floor.
  7. It can be annoying but you get used to it. Like others have said, you don't put the bag on the floor. I always put my bag on my lap or a spare seat. I don't like leaving any bag on the floor as I'm worried someone will just walk by and swipe it.:sweatdrop:
  8. haha me too! i even lock my speedy when im on public transport
  9. yea i tend to put my bag on my lap or on a seat next to me but i do put it on the floor at times if its carpet and doesnt look dirty because the canvas is easily cleaned by just wiping it down with a wet towel.
  10. You dont! you put bags with leather bottoms on your jacket, your lap or a clean chair. You get into the habit of doing that and your bags will look better longer.

  11. They sell purse hangers. You hook it onto a table and then your purse hangs from the hook.
  12. Canvas is not hard to keep clean at all, so you dont' have to worry THAT much. But, as a general rule with any nice bag, you don't put it on the floor. ;)
  13. I either put it down on something or hold/ hang it.
  14. I don't think they look good w/ feet AT ALL!:push: I just set mine in my lap
  15. The floor is dirty most of the time anyway - keep it on the lap!