Where are the fashionable people?

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Sep 6, 2006
I I mean, flip-flops (I don't own a pair - oops, I do, a pair I wear ONLY at the pool and they are higher quality ones)... how much do those cost? Yet that's what most girls wear all summer, yet in their closets they probably have at least a dozen shoes they've worn a dozen times.
I guess it depends on the flip-flops. Mine are LV and cost over $400! LOL

but I am one of those women who dress up for everything. I am too sometimes amazed how some people dress. I see many women wearing sweats ALL the time. I can't stand them unless you are heading to work-out. A velour pant set would be cuter and dressier at least and they are SUPER comfy!
Sep 24, 2006
New York, NY
where are the people with the WHOLE package - the shoes, the clothes, the hair, the makeup, the bags??? ONLY in the malls in the specialty areas, I SWEAR... am I living with my head under ground??

uhhh theyre all over my neck of the woods.. im only 22 and when I see these women with their designer clothes, shoes AND bags.. and their kids..they look so great.. I just want to run and put makeup on ASAP


loving H...
Jun 29, 2006
not sure if this is really related, but i just thought about my dressing sense...i actually changed my priorities to comfort first when i was 6months pregnant with my first child. i remember i was taking my brother to the airport wearing high heels boots (the one with high, thin, stilleto type heels) and i broke 1 of the heels whilst at the airport. it was quite embarrasing and my SIL tried to help by looking for somewhere to buy super glue....but she couldn't find any and came back with a Pritt Stick Glue (the one for paper).


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
this thread reminds me of a tradition that i'm PROUD to be a part of; my college, as with a lot of large schools in the South, has a custom of dressing up for football games - and i mean Kentucky Derby style dressing up. Men in slacks, button downs, ties, and blazers and women in cocktail or sun dresses, heels, jewelry, and sometimes hats and gloves (gotta pull out all the stops for a big game). but ALL in school colors (ours are red and black). some people like to make fun, but i would NEVER go to a game in jeans and a team t-shirt. it seems disrespectful to me. going to a football game is like going to church here.


Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
It's important not to confuse fashion with style - the two are rarely interchangeable. I always dress well, out of respect for myself and for others. I don't wear the same thing on weekends that I might wear to work - suits for work, cotton pencil skirts and knit tops on weekends - but the look is still always neat and appropriate.

A lot of girls in malls who dress fashionably look terrible - those Haviana-thongs are a must-have item for a fashionable teen-20-something. But where I grew up, people had thongs only if they couldn't afford actual shoes. Oh the irony.


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
I think its people who live in the suburbs and the sticks. I am orignally from Boston, MA and in the city people are pretty well dressed (at least the natives) when i moved out here in MD I see that people all dress..very plainly (i call them mall shoppers ironically lol) however, its a different story when I go to DC where people actually take the time out to look nice.