Where are the fashionable people?

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Mar 2, 2006
I try never to go out without wearing something nice and putting make up on.......it's something that was instilled in me by my mother and grandmother......and the few times I have not done this and gone out looking gawdawful......I have run into at least one person I know, that, you guessed it.......was all dressed up!!!!! and yes,
the people at Malls are getting worse and worse looking......I hate to look at all those exposed bellies, hips and sometimes almost their navels.....UGH!!!!!:heart:H
I agree!
I loathe seeing people at school wearing pjs!!! I mean, at least put on a pair of jeans for goodness sake. I'm there just as much as they are and I at least make an attempt to look cute but comfy at the same time.


Dec 27, 2005
Some of the places I lived in Florida were very fashionable. Palm Beach, shopping on Worth Ave., it was more fun looking at what people were wearing then shopping because some of them were dressed to kill. I still can't understand how women can shop for hours in high heels..... The high end malls in Florida give you a good show too. Then you can get out to some of the hic towns and embrace the hillbilly in you.....talk about some time warps. I fill like I am in a hic town and the younger girls at the more expensive stores dress up nice but nothing too drastic. Still more of what is hot and not a classic money look. Not many designer bags here unless they are fake. I think one can look good no matter what if they are well groomed and iron their clothes and look clean. You can have the most expensive clothes in the world and still look like crap.....if you don't take care of yourself.
I hate winter and think dressing for cold weather does not make a big fashion statement.


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
Long and Low Farms
I fear I've grossed some people out. I really thought "mint condition" underwear was going to be a big seller.
Not all fashionable people want to hear about your tired old underwear shu. That said, do people really match their undergarments? For real? Even if they are not planning on getting laid later?


I Feel Pretty!
Jan 13, 2006
Long Island, NY
I know personally that I've been w/ my dh for almost 20 years total...no I don't match anything. I'm so glad I can find a bra to support my sagging chest that I don't care if it's lacey, matchy matchy or anything else. Frankly, he's seen it all. I can't work that hard on my ourwear, how could I possibly work on my intimates??