Where are the fashionable people?

  1. I am NO fashion goddess, BELIEVE me, but I was at the mall today and I have concluded, the ONLY people who are truly fashionable around my neck of the woods are the people who work in the larger department stores - not all of them are, but some of them are. But, were they fashionable BEFORE working there or did they become so because of their surrounds? It's also usually the older ladies (not the 20 year olds) the ones who make this job their LIVING.

    But I live, supposedly, in a pretty well to do area and there is a couple of really high end malls, but WHERE are the people who buy these things?

    I've seen a couple of Chloe bags on moms, but otherwise they are dressed like a mom and pushing a cheapo stroller - definitely not a fashionista, just a bag lover... where are the people with the WHOLE package - the shoes, the clothes, the hair, the makeup, the bags??? ONLY in the malls in the specialty areas, I SWEAR... am I living with my head under ground??
  2. Well, what were you wearing? What I mean is a lot of us, when we shop, go for comfort (with a great bag) and speed. A lot of people dress up for work and when they go for a meal or to shop they don't want to be totally dressed up. And moms have their hands full with kids, they don't even have time to pee!
  3. True, but the truly fashionable, NEVER go out of their house without dressing to the nines. I will NEVER, EVER forget my first trip to Zagreb Croatia. It was 1995. They were JUST out of the war, I know the country is struggling, but my jaw dropped when I went into the center. "WE" the Americans looked like slobs and we were dressed pretty nicely. It was a cold day, so we had on our down coats, bulky hats and gloves and probably boots (as we planned to be out for the day). Out in the square are all these high heeled boots and finely fit wool coats, nice hats and gloves and indoors for lunch? VERY classic attire in CURRENT fashion, not old stuff. I was wearing slacks and a sweater, but nothing special. I felt SOOOOOO dowdy wherever we went! Americans don't dress like that for "everyday". This wasn't a work day, it was a weekend, so they weren't rushing to work, or to a party. It was midday out in the square a few days after Christmas.

    Are there people who dress well ALWAYS who aren't celebs?

    Oh, and what was I wearing? A pair of Jones of NY jeans, an Eddie Bauer lightweight sweater and a Lauren zip up knit sweater/shirt and WAY too old brown flats that I keep trying to find a replacement for with NO luck!
  4. There was a time when Americans dressed up, even to fly on airplanes. Go look at pics from the 50's and 60's maybe even the 70's and you will see men in suits and women in suits and pumps getting on the plane. I can remember going shopping with my mom long ago and all the women were dressed up, and when we stopped for tea the women who served wore gloves. Face it, Americans have gotten sloppy..so I sort of know what you mean. It always amazes me when I go to the mall and see women wearing shorts and tank tops with flip flops. I mean, geez.
  5. I just think how wasteful it all is. People are buying this stuff up, but what they wear most of the time, they probably spent very little on. I mean, flip-flops (I don't own a pair - oops, I do, a pair I wear ONLY at the pool and they are higher quality ones)... how much do those cost? Yet that's what most girls wear all summer, yet in their closets they probably have at least a dozen shoes they've worn a dozen times.
  6. Tanks w/ shorts and flip flops - sh*t that's me in the summer Irish! Unless I'm going out I dress like a bag lady and carry a fabulous bag so people don't try to give me money out of pity. I'm tired guys...I work in my bosses home office where no one sees me and I like to be super comfortable. I've got a puppy (that's neurotic) and twin sons that have sucked every brain cell from my body. My feeling is my wit (no comments Irish) and sparkling personality (watch it Irish) shine through my outfits. I clean up very nicely though and consider myself a MILF at those times. Truly, I can't always be bothered.

  7. :lol: a few years ago (pre-kids) and when i was living in london (UK) i've always worn wool/cashmere coats with a cashmere scarf and high heeled boots in the winter (even just to go to lectures/school), but now that i've kids i put comfort (+a great handbag:angel:) above anything else....
  8. BTW - the flip flops I wear in the summer are beyond fabulous and not ordinary in any way if you can even imagine that!

    Kiss my a** my darling Irish!!!LOL!
    Be nice it's still my b-day season!
  9. Who cares. If you like style, dress stylish, I could care less what others wear. In my book, the worse other people look, the more fabulous i look! LOL!
  10. I always tend to dress going out shopping even to the supermarket,not always in a suit more dressy casual depending on what I am doing. I just wouldn't do shorts & tanks only on the beach.
    I will wear thong sandals in summer with trousers.
    A great bag is an absolute must no matter where!
  11. Both you and Selena are nasty ho's Shu and the best you ever looked was when I was drunk!
    Love ya
  12. Actually the best I ever looked was when I was drunk too Irish!!! Man I'm f-ing gorgeous then!
    I wouldn't even change my underwear if the stench didn't seem like it could be offensive. Man, I'm cracking myself up!!!

  13. I bet you think you are funnier when you are drunk too! And didn't you tell me DH liked to keep your underwear in a ziploc?
  14. Sometimes, I go shopping in upscale stores when I'm in my bag lady attire and I force them to help me against their will just for kicks!! I'm 42 and really the only opinion that matters is mine afterall!

    Holy moly Selena - if I hear how fabulous you are one more time, I'm seriously vomiting all over my computer. After all the baked goods I ate for my b-day it won't be pretty.
  15. I try never to go out without wearing something nice and putting make up on.......it's something that was instilled in me by my mother and grandmother......and the few times I have not done this and gone out looking gawdawful......I have run into at least one person I know, that, you guessed it.......was all dressed up!!!!! and yes,
    the people at Malls are getting worse and worse looking......I hate to look at all those exposed bellies, hips and sometimes almost their navels.....UGH!!!!!:heart:H