where are the denaros?

  1. I saw on Nordstrom.com the other day, next thing I know its all gone. Could anyone pls provide me with the UPC to the transporto denaro?

  2. Wow they were still available this morning but you're right they are all gone now.
  3. i am so sad...i waited till this weekend to get it and its too late. they are all gone. if anyone could provide me with the upc , i'd greatly appreciated.tks
  4. 8 43333 08412 1
  5. OI'm still waiting for the perfect denaro to show up on eBay. D:
  6. thaNK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!:tup:
  7. Why didn't you get it at Lesportsac.com?? They are still available.
  8. lolz you are right!! but I want to pick a placement myself....ehh....
  9. You're welcome! And good luck on your hunt!
  10. I ordered one 2 or 3 days after they were put on Lesportsac.com and the next day they called to tell me they were sold out. And asked if I wanted another style or just to cancel the order. They said as far as they knew, they were out for good and didn't even suggest a back-order. Then just a few days later, they had more & people started ordering. And not a word for the people whose orders got canceled because they were out. What terrible customer service. (Lucky for me, the day my order got canceled I called a local Chicago shop & they had one & put it on hold for me).