Where are the deals?

  1. This thread is to post the new super deals going on somewhere that us toki addicts can get a quick fix! I unfortunately cannot start with one! Can anyone else?:yes:
  2. Hi annie
    Well, let's do a recap... The Le Sport Sac Outlets were offering 1/2 off on the Playground and Cammo playground as of last week... 25% off the Inferno and Paradiso designs.... Macy's in Santa Barb. are out as of today when I checked- on the older Tokidoki designs... Macy's is going to have a pre sale sale coming up, so you can receive 25% on the Pirata and audio star designs... Bloomingdales was offering 30% off with dept. card usage discount on top of previous sale as of this pass weekend...

    If anyone has called the outlets recently, please update if there is any playground left, last I checked they were almost out...
  3. Does anyone know where to get a good deal on the Mamma Mia Pirata print? Pulse just told me they were all out. :sad:
  4. I was reading about macy's "presale" is that nationwide or just west coast? I guess I can't find anyway to do that through their website? I've never been able to work with any macy's over the phone for a bag.
  5. Yeah so far no one here knows any thing about a sale this weekend.... or even just on Friday.
  6. Is there a place online that accepts paypal? Besides eBay(afraid of fakes).
  7. I'm pretty sure I saw that Pulse takes PayPal.

    And there are a number of reputable dealers on eBay if you don't mind paying retail prices. VIP Fashions, Cozy Little Shop, Unique Threads are three that all have real bags. They all do BIN on some of their items so you don't have to wait for an auction to end.
  8. Thanks a bunch!!! That helps alot!:greengrin: Now I just have to decide on what size!
  9. welcome to the forum HillBilly Bunny :biggrin: what kind of bags do you normally carry?
  10. I like that name! I wish I would have thought of it! My boy says I need to get a better forum name. He says its boring. (gee...that's my real name....)
  11. heehee..it sounds cute.. i wonder if you could change names?? if you could what would it be?
  12. Let's think of one! NOT SNOTGIRL!
  13. I use to have 2 of the Lesportsacs when my son was an infant and now I just carry a Kecci mommybag for my daughter that is almost 2. Since she is almost potty learned now:yahoo: I can now look for something trendy and fun again! I'm totally in love with the Pirata, but I'm trying to decide what size to get.:confused1:
  14. :nuts: :roflmfao: :lol: ...yeah definitely not that!!

    Pirata is a great print :biggrin: ...how about the Paradiso print (they may be harder to find)...it has cute babies that your daughter might like too :biggrin:

    do you like messenger, tote...
  15. Are you all talking about my name?:blush: Sorry, toddler at keys! :smile: