where are the damiers made?

  1. Are the damiers for the most part made in usa and spain now just like the monos? Where are your damiers made?
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  3. My Damier Papillon 30 was made in France:yes:
  4. my speedy was made in France...
  5. My Speedy was made in France as well as my chelsea.
    I love the fact that a FRENCHMADE BAG IS MADE IN FRANCE.
    No offense to those who don't care, but thats one of its selling points to me. I mean other bags made in Italy say, made in Italy and we know their quality in leathermaking is the best, as well as French .
  6. If they can ever produce them in the U.S., I may get over my dislike of the stiff leather they use with the Damier canvas and buy one of the bags.
  7. My damier speedy 30 was made in France. But there are ladies on here who own the speedy bags that are made in USA. I am sure they are out there! Good luck.:flowers:
  8. My Speedy 30 was made in the U.S. but I'm not sure about my 4 key holder. I think that was made in the U.S. as well.
  9. My Damier Papillon 30 was in made in the US I think...its at home though, I would need to double check.
  10. My Damier Papillon 30 is made in the US too, just got it last Saturday.
  11. My damier speedy 25 was made in France... I got one from the first shipment, which were all made in France. The second shipment coming in are made in the USA, according to the SA who helped me.
  12. That's what i was told as well. This goes for all monogram and damier canvas items.
  13. My Saleya was made in France.
  14. My speedy 25 and make-up pouch are made in France, and the key and change holder is made in Spain.
  15. My damier speedy was maid in Spain, makes sense as I bought it in Barcelona