Where are the Consignment Shops in LA?

  1. I just clean out my closet and I have bags that I have not used for awhile. Most are fairly new and I have receipts to them. They range from Coach to Gucci.

    Does anyone know any reliable consignment store in Los Angeles? TIA :yes:
  2. So far I have found they only pay you around 30-40% of what they will sell it for which is greatly reduced. The big one is Wasteland on Melrose. You might have better luck on the Yahoo group fashionswap oron eBay- tho I would love to see some pics myself!
  3. Yep!. I overheard a shop owner telling a lady her paddy was only worth $350 and she probably will turn around and sell it for $900. In the local consignment shop where I live, coach and gucci do hold too much resell values.
  4. It's important to find the right shop, the one you feel comfortable dealing with, and the one that has the buyers for your underloved items. You can find one in Santa Monica that seems to specialize in designer bags at the Clickable Map & Directory at http://www.HowToConsign.com/find.htm

    (And if you HAPPEN to be reading this from Alberta CA, do you have a treat in store at Caprice right now: she has recently received some INCREDIBLE bags, if any remain unsold!)
  5. There is this place that sells high end designers in LA called "The Address"
  6. There is this place that sells high end designers in LA called "La perla''