Where are the Bocces?

  1. i just got a foresta bocce and am a newly convert to the bocce bag and i'm looking for amore or pirata bocce...but i'm trying to think of where i can find them? has anyone seem em at their Nordies or macy's?! any help would be AWESOME! :p
  2. yay for bocces!!!! they are seriously cute when u put ur stuff in it :smile: i've seen them at only select macy's and mostly on Evilbay~ i haven't seen any at nord's...
  3. can you tell me which macy's specifically?! they are too kyoot! i don't carry much but it fits everything fine ^^
  4. hehe werent you all over bambinos..now its bocces? cute!! :biggrin: congrats!
  5. i saw a few at Southcoast plaza in costa mesa, ca a few months ago :smile:
  6. vmasterz: lol yes i was all about the bambinos...but i got over it when the inner lining got hella snagged up in the zipper on my spiaggia bambino...n its still snagged, i dunno what i'm going to do, maybe cut the inner lining...but now there's new love for the bocces! lolz
  7. I LOVE my bocce. I only have one which is an inferno. It is the perfect little evening bag. I went to see the musical Wicked and I carried it that night and a few people stopped me and told me how appropriate it was for the occasion. I live in Houston and we are completely devoid of all toki. I had to order mine from the Seattle outlet.
  8. yeah i guess those linings are like the bambinones :push: ..maybe unzip slowly?? :lol: j/k ..yay for new loves!:yahoo:
  9. pinkstars627: oooh wicked! i'm going in a few weeks! so excited! obsessed with the soundtrack

    vmasterz: well i can't even unzip it slowly since its just stuckk!
  10. I've never seen bocces IRL except at C21 and I haven't been there recently so I dunno what they have in stock.
  11. bubblesung: try holding the fabric straight while u try to unzip... it got folded into there and you should be able to pull it out by wiggling the zipper and pulling the lining... at least that's how I always get out snags :sad: my bambinone has that problem when I over fill it
  12. did you call southampton for the pirata bocce?

    i'm thinking of what else to get from there lol :p
  13. tehlilone: the fabric is actually trapped throughout the entire zipper so despite me holding onto the lining, i can't really pull it anywhere..i've managed to get it out before, but this time is super bad

    kkimm: i was considering that..but i don't want to pay for shipping for a small bag and i don't want to think of MORE bags to buy because i'm done with those prints! lolz
  14. eek..sorry to hear that :sad: ..so did you try to get it out yet?

    tehlilone: weird i would have thought that the less you put in there the more it would snag?? cuz the weight isnt there to pull the lining away from the zipper :confused1:
  15. i've been trying for a few weeks now but no luck...but my bag snags whenever its fully packed...strange!