Where are the best SAs ?

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  1. I haven´t found any thread on that one topic : the nice and skilled SAs.
    I hope it´s OK mentionning names. I realised I really appreciated when before visiting a LV shop abroad, a member here would recommend someone nice and competent.

    I have been in Paris visiting 3 LV shops last week (Champs E, St Germain, Galeries Lafayette) and overall I have talked to nice and smiling persons who were willing to find what you want, despite me being badly dressed.
    It´s just really a pity that some of them could hardly speak French (they were asian) in Paris !!!

    But I have to mention that my best surprise was Stéphane from Galeries Lafayette.
    Me and my BF were sick and not looking good, but still he took the time to show me many things, give me true and honest advice, go the extra mile to help me find something impossible (Damier Papillon with old harware), and talk about the brand and the bags, even if I was not going to purchase (unfortunately).
    So being in the middle of a usually very crowded shop that can sell and sell and sell faster than they produce no matter what, but still meeting such a skilled, nice SA who knows a lot and is truly passionate about the brand was amazing and worth to mention.
    BTW, should I send a letter or something to the high management :smile: ?

    So if we visit your LV boutique, which SA should we ask for ???
  2. When in Atlantic City, NJ, USA (Pier Shops at Caesars) be sure to ask for Jennifer Conway. She is professional, courteous, helpful, lovely, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
  3. Until LV opened their Oslo boutique in November '06 I've done my shopping at LV in Copenhagen. My favorite SA there is Christine, but unfortunately she only works Thursdays and Saturdays, and goes to college the rest of the week. She is totally sweet and down to earth, and gives great service. I've also dealt with Mette there. She is a supervisor, and has been with LV for 10 years. She is also super sweet and very knowledgeable.
    In Oslo "my" SA is Terumi. She is very nice, although is still new and insecure and has alot to learn, but she is very serviceminded and if she doesen't know the answer she'll always do her best to find out.
  4. Nice to know as I am planning on going to Copenhagen !
  5. My favorite SA is Jonathan at the LV in Charlotte, NC - He is absolutely wonderful!
  6. In Seattle LV, speak with annabelle huynh. she is tall and asian and very sweet, and was very helpful/honest when i needed advice.

    In the Soho new york store, zane jones, the store manager, helped me, and he was very nice as well. i think a lot of times he works in the back, but he is tall and blond (sandy/brownish blond), so if you see him, say hello!

    My home store, the tampa store, i have dealt with most of the SAs, and all of them are pretty nice and helpful. The store manager is a hoot, fabienne faust...her daughter went to high school with me...she is a sweetheart.