where are the bambinos?

  1. Did lesportsac discountinue bambino style for the newer print. I did not see it in the famiglia print.

    Couple months ago, I posted a thread here about finding an inferno bambino at Shopshun in Arcadia. Well, today I realized that it was a really good buy because I thought the bambino were originally for $88 , but turns out the retail price was 108. So, I dont know why I got mine for 88 plus 20%. I kept wonder why the outlet was so expensive, now I realize the retail price was actually 108 They must have marked it wrong, but I swear the tag said bambino $88. hm...i wish icould find the tag now. lolz. I double check my credit card bill, yup...its $76 total. hm...good deal!!

    Anyone spotted Lamore or spiggia bambino? let me know!! tks
  2. Well, I do know that they made the bambino in Spiaggia because I have one...hmm. I think Lesportsux is being a retarded company and getting rid of styles that we like.
  3. really...I really want one in vancanze or transporto.
    i've not seen in in famiglia so i guess it must be discontinued.
  4. 73papasmurfs on eBay has a L'amore Bambino right now. It's a cute one... but I don't think I'm gonna get it... b/c my Stellina pretty much has all the characters.

    But I do love my Bambinos... I have an Inferno and a Spiaggia. They fit all my basic essentials for short trips or an evening out. (not all day outings)
  5. I have on L'amore! Soo cute!!
  6. I think they had L'amore bambino at the Glendale Galleria Macy's when I went on Friday.
  7. I've seen a Famiglia Bambino. :smile: They still exist!
  8. ooo i would love to see what a bambino looks in Famiglia!
  9. finally found lamore bambino in one of the macys. Perfect placement with adio and ciao in the front. hehe..