Where are the Amore Zucca/Caramellas?

  1. some friends of mine are looking for these coveted amore bags...so anyone?! i know some of you girls bought it online and returned them to macys...so lemme know where they are! THanks! (and eBay doesn't count) haha

    :heart: stephiee
  2. I saw some at Costa Mesa Macys past Sunday.
  3. i returned some at Macys in vernon hills, illinois at westfield plaza/hawthorne court. the mall changed names, so i'm not sure what it's listed as on the website. good luck!
  4. Last time I went to our Lesportsac, they had some caramellas I think...no Zucca though. I don't think they want to order from Hawaii because the prices though lolz :shrugs:
  5. i returned a zucca to the Macy's store in Concord this past weekend.
  6. I need to get rid of my caramella before I get attached..lol