Where are my Spooky Girls?

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  1. Ladies and gents, I know I can’t possibly be the only person of the Spooky/Gothic/Steam Punk/Nouveau Victorian/Spock Rocker/Gothabilly persuasion that loves LV! Just because my hair is Black No. 1 and my nails are Nocturnelle doesn’t necessarily mean that my handbag is coffin shaped! Its Louis Vuitton brothers and sisters! Seriously, I prefer not to be pigeon holed into any one category but let’s face it, when you look spooky, the world sees it differently. So fess up, who’s with me on the dark side?
  2. uhm im not one to drop names or put labels on people, buy I have heard GayleLV say she has pink hair and her hubbys got a mohawk which i think is pretty cool and of course different...
  3. I don't necessarily dress "goth, punk, etc" but I am a metal chick at heart and love piercings and tattoos.

    My boyfriends in a metal band, I heart metal music, concerts, etc.

    But yes I love LV!

  4. I'm also not really goth or punk, but I love black nails, piercings, and tattoos! I'd like to spend my money on either tattoos or LV!
  5. i once had a "black" phase. black nail polish and all. then i embraced colour. but that doesn't mean i don't like the Goth/Emo set anymore. i think its cool that someone like you can also enjoy LV. goes to show just how all-encompassing LV is. but its a rather odd match as you don't see it that often. and i LOVE it! :okay:
  6. I wear all black, but it's all black business casual attire so no one really notices. I just bought a Rosewood Ave in Amarante, and I'm in love with it's rich color (btw, does anyone know a good nail polish the same color as Amarante? cheap or expensive). When I was in the store I also looked at some bags in Pomme d' Amour and I kept thinking about how cute they'd look on a rockabilly girl.
  7. i think Lancome (or was that Shu Uemura/Chanel) had a set of nail polish with the colors Vernis. ;)
  8. Amarente you are not alone!! While I am a total girly girl, I love crazy tattoos, Tool, mohawks, Marilyn Manson, and spooky stuff.
  9. Spooky girl here!!!! :heart:

    Love metal, tattoos, horror movies, have had blue/ violet/ pink/ red change of hair so many times, musician, attends rock shows, love my guitar collection, into fetish photography, etc ....

    And yeah, my co workers think I'm the oddest one out of the bunch even though they are pretty strange individuals too:P
  10. I'm all for being different which defines us and makes us unique and have to admire gaylelv as she def breaksdown the sterotypes and shows that you can be different and still have interset for designers such as LV. MHO
  11. Kudos to you for being different and embracing it!
  12. *raises hand* Present!

  13. mustlovecatz - hehe, you're cute, it's totally cool!

    Kitty2sweet - aww! that's a really sweet comment and thanks :heart:


    i think anyone can just sport their LV's in anyway they wish and look like a complete rockstar. as styles DEF. differ all over - as long as the confidence is there and you wear your bag proudly - darkside, lightside, inthemiddleside...whateverside.. everyone prevails!

  14. I dress conservatively, but I am a total Metalhead and Goth. In fact, I listening to Kreator as I type this. Some of my favorite bands are Bauhaus, the Cure, the Sisters of Mercy, Morbid Angel, Moonspell, Diabolique, Lacuna Coil, and Cannibal Corpse. I also enjoy some Black Metal such as Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, and Cradle of Filth. My boyfriend is also a Metalhead. I posted some pics of our picture LP collection in this thread in case you're curious:
    I am also tattooed.
    There are now English editions of Japan's famous Gothic & Lolita Bibles coming out. I had a look at Volume 1. There are some great examples of Gothic fashion with brand names listed next to the pics. The Japanese have mastered the art of combining DIY Gothic fashion with big name designers to create their looks. It just shows that it can be done.