Where are my RH PT sisters???

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  1. fiatflux - That leather is AMAZING :yahoo: The color is sooooooo droolworthy :drool: :drool: :drool:
  2. Wow!! I :heart: the Blue India Part-Times!! Gorgeous!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    That Vermillion bag is stunning as well!! :yes:
  3. Thanks MRG!! I had to choose between Sandstone and Natural and since I tend to be careless sometimes, the darker the better. I had to keep the Sandstone. :yes:
  4. Yay!! :yahoo: You finally joined tPF!!! Sorry I was showing off your bag for you!!! LOL! Hope your loving it!!! :wlae:
  5. Thank you girlycharlie! I love it. Fiatflux- what a beautiful pic of your BI.
  6. More PT pics, please :yes::yes: I know you're hidding them... PLEASE :graucho:
  7. Yes! I finally joined but I have lurked for ages. I need to remember all the other ladies I "know" from here. Anyway, yes, loving the PT! :heart:

    Girlycharlie, I love your black! I think I really need a black PT. :tup:
  8. Murphy66... you're in luck, Bob Ellis has one ON SALE :yahoo:25% off as of this afternoon. Call Bill @ 843-722-2515.

    Name her after me ;)
  9. Murphy, you get the pt from Bob Ellis? If not im calling tomorrow to swoop it???? :sneaky:
  10. There you go! You found it. :P
  11. Did anyone buy the black PT?
  12. I read in a thread it is gone.
  13. Well, at least a PFer got it :yes: I'll keep an eye out for you as well :yes: