Where are my RH PT sisters???

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  1. We haven’t heard much about RH PT for awhile :sad:… it is still my favorite style :tup: I miss hearing about them and drooling over pics :drool: Anyone with pics to share?
  2. Here's pics of my sandstone city (which I sold) and my beloved sandstone parttime.

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  3. Ohhhh, she is BEAUTIFUL :drool: :drool: I've never seen a RH Sandstone PT til now!!! How did you find her?
  4. Here is my one and only!
  5. I got her from hgbags. I feel lucky to have found her since most other stores had sold out.
  6. MRG, the Grenat is TDF :drool: :drool: :drool:the color/leather combo is mouth-watering...

    Circoit, the Sandstone is a must have!!! Lucky girl :yahoo:
  7. Here’s my super BORING but super ESSTENTIAL Black PT.

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  8. The PT is smaller than the City, yes?
  9. No the PT is larger than the City and smaller than Work.
  10. IMHO, the PT is a wider version of City :heart:
  11. Here's my one & only PT, a Sandstone PT as well... :love:

    Hanging next to a Marine City for size comparison... Love them both!

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  12. Bags4Bubbles - your Sandstone PT is drool-worthy as well :drool: :drool: :drool: and the color of the Marine City is TDF!!! So much brighter then my Marine Work. You've just toughened my resolve to return it. I want one with color like yours :yes:
  13. LOL... glad to be of assistance! Thanks! ;) I definately would keep your Marine Work, but that is just one woman's opinion!! I thought the color on yours was gorgeous!!! The thing that I really like about Marine, is that is can be very dark inside, but then the blue really comes through outside.

    Marine is a great color for "everyday" use! :smile:
  14. Bags4Bubbles - my Marine Work is just too dark... I think Ocean may be the answer here but I'll have to wait :crybaby:
  15. I would hold out for Ocean then!! No sense in having something that you're not absolutely in love with!! :yes:

    Edit: On a side note... I think my Marine is pretty dark as well... I think it just photographs lighter. So you may be wanting a different color altogether, unless you've seen one IRL that was a bit lighter??? My blueberry is definately lighter then the Marine, and I think Ocean is even lighter then Blueberry...