Where are my Isabella Fiore and Rafe fans?

  1. Hey! I just wanted to know who you were LOLOLOL
  2. I'm a fan of IF :smile: I own 2 (of the more understated styles) the Audra, and the Dream Weaver Harriett. Love these bags!
  3. I too am an IF lover but also of the understated ones. The Pirate Love Peace bags don't appeal to me. I'm too old for that kind of stuff...LOL
  4. I love IF, but what do you think about people carrying there schoolbooks in them...personally, I see it everyday and it makes me cry!( okay, not really, but seeing some girl carrying around a microecon book in a $900 bag is kinda funny)
  5. I like a lot of the Isabella Fiore bags, not the pirate ones though. In fact, I just bought the chocolate Angelina flower patch hobo from Nordstrom on sale. It's gorgeous and my first IF bag. There's a few others I really like too, one I think is a white one, I am thinking Cocoa Puffs but not sure if that's right.
  6. Over here!!

    I have the original Audra in brown (with the tassels & hanging nameplate), the Metal Of Honor Carina (cognac?), The Quilty Pleasures Carina (the original non-metallic brown) and the Chain Reaction Carina in black.

    GREAT bags! :love:
  7. My original Audra (brown with tassles) is one of my favorites- and one that I wear most often!
  8. Not so into Rafe, but I LOVE Fiore! I have several Audras in different colors...I have the original brown with tassles as well as the original gold, and I have the whiskey and white Audras with matching studs. I just bought it in pewter and it's a GORGEOUS color! My greatest loss was an IF Elaina Morin Dew Tote bag that I didn't nab fast enough on eBay!:crybaby: I can't get into the pirate thing...I don't like snakes crawling up my bag either. Some of her styles are a bit much, but she's so original that you can't hate her. I love the old Flower Child style, but so many people thought they were so ugly...Do you know anyone that had that sweater style? :rolleyes:
  9. I love rafe' I have two main line items (one bag and 1 wallet) and then one rafe' for target clutch. I love his designs because they are trendy and edgy. Besides not a lot of people carry his designs which makes it even more unique. :yes:
  10. I really like the IF bags. She makes beautiful bags. They are so different.