Where are my Gucci PreSale ladies :)

  1. Anyone having their SA's send them pictures of bags that are included like last year? I'd be really interested in learning which Monogram canvas bags might be included. ;)
  2. i already asked my sa from Saks if she can possibly help our tfers for a presale orders and she said ...yes!
  3. Thats fantastic...I called my SA at Holts and she was clueless....they are having a trunk show for the fall stuff this weekend....but who is thinking of fall when summer is just starting!
  4. hi include me among those interested in the gucci pre-sale! :yes:
  5. They always are at Holts, half of the time I have to inform them when Gucci is going on sale :push:

  6. When does the Gucci sale start? Do the Gucci boutiques at NM and Saks participate or should I just go straight to Gucci? I'm so excited! Thanks for the info everyone!

  7. ooohhh... is your sa gonna send you pictures of what they have included in the sale with pricing and stuff???

    do post them here, please :yes:
  8. Anyone think the cruise bamboo handle purses will be on sale? I think the one I'm looking at is called peggy.
  9. I am interested too! Yeah!
  10. I heard that cruise collection is usually included, but we'll wait and see. Would love to get some accessories to go w/ my rose messenger, or a new britt hobo.
  11. tried to call today and she is off . will be back tomorrow.i will call her tomorrow and find out what is included in the sale and how much off we can get then i will post it here together with her #.she works at saks.
  12. My SA who works at SAKS said that the sale starts towards the end of may or june but u can always do a presale which for me is a wise thing to do. It is really awesome if you know a sales associate that will be able to take your orders prior to the sale date so you can do a presale.Never realized the importance and convenience of having a good SA until i joined PF... If u need a good SA let me know and i willl gladly share her # with you.
  13. ^^^ Please share your information! I recently went to my nearby Saks and inquired about the Presale. I wanted to try on bags that I saw and write down their ID numbers so that I could be sure if I ordered over the phone in a pinch. Well this HOUND of a SA was all over me the whole time kissing my butt thinking I was going to buy THAT DAY. When I told her I was shopping for "presale" she got SO SNOTTY with me...telling me this is (the bag I was interested in) was the last piece in the store...that they are going quickly...and that my chances were really slim of getting a nice bag at the presale b/c other people will get them first. I left so angry - my Saks is so snotty...they think b/c they work in the bag department that they have some sought of God-like power over us....give it up...so YES I WOULD LOVE A GOOD RECOMMENDATION OF A SA WHO WOULD GO ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR ME. Thanks!!
  14. Include me too!!! Thnks!:yahoo:
  15. :woohoo: ME TOO!!!
    ... I want a small Pelham in Chocolate Guccissima reallllllllllllllllly badly. I doubt it'll be on sale but it doesn't hurt to wish....:girlsigh:

    I'd consider others too!!!:yes: