Where are my care cards??

  1. So I got the soho leather satchel at the beginning of PCE and I just realized yesterday that it didn't come with any care cards. It had to be ordered from Jax and so it had the tag and everything, but no care cards...any idea where they might be??

    I am too lazy to take a picture, but here's the picture from the site...might i add, I LOVE this bag :tender: I also didn't get any care cards with the mineral wristlet I ordered. What's going on here???

  2. That's weird. I'd call JAX and definately push that you want the care cards. Beautiful bag, though!
  3. That's strange!

    I ordered the Chelsea Hobo (Mineral) before they put them out and picked it up from the store last week... I just went to "unstuff" her and realized there are no care cards... I was going to go back and ask the SA there. I also realized that the bag is slightly different than the one pictured on-line. There are no logo snaps on the sides. Anyone else have this bag?

    I would definitely call JAX to see if you can have the care cards sent to you. I will be doing the same if the store can't provide them.

    Good luck and enjoy your bag... I LOVE IT! (I have the large in camel).;)
  4. I don't think they're including a lot of paperwork with the newer coaches. The last few purses i've purchased have came with a little card (not the booklets and things that used to come with them) with care instructions on one side and a mission type statement on the other.
  5. geesh, hopefully they don't give you problems for requesting them!
  6. I didn't get ANY cards with my purse...it was just my purse, inside the dustbag, inside the coach store bag. I have the receipt and the paperwork to return it, but nothing else. I thought it was kind of weird and didn't think of it till yesterday. I guess in the not so distant future i'll have to make a trip to the store to see if they can give me some info. Hmmmm
  7. When I got my mineral satchel at the Coach store, they couldn't find care cards in any of them! They looked through all the bags they had in stock (of the Chelsea bags) and none had them. They were very surprised!
  8. You know, I didn't get any care cards for my red patent ergo either... that's weird.

    I wanted them too because I want to know how to care for my new hot bag.
  9. Hate to make your situation worse, but this purse is at the outlets! I just got a black sig, but there were black and brown leather at Camarillo CA - they had about 3-5 each. It was $199 (249 - 20%).

  10. I just checked my new Alis...the brown and black came with just the care sheet tucked in the interior zip pocket. The white one came with the care sheet and that mini brochure, also in the interior pocket.

    Weird thing was they all came from JAX, but each bag was stuffed/wrapped differently...the black one had one side of the strap undone & tucked under the big flap. Only 2 of the 3 came with major side protection although they all sported price tags & appear new.
  11. Ooohhhhh....that burns a little bit, but I got this as a graduation gift and the closest outlet is 3 hours away, so with gas, I got a good deal on it actually

    But I can't figure out why some of the bags have the care information and some don't. It's just weird.
  12. oh pretty bag
    weird about the care cards