Where are Fedoras sold?

  1. When I went to the mall this weekend I was interested in buying a fedora for my man. Saks doesn't carry them, NM doesn't carry them, Macy's doesn't carry them, and I couldn't find them in any of the other 'mall' stores like J.Crew or Ralph Lauren. Where do people buy high quality Fedoras nowadays? :heart:TIA!
  2. Marc by Marc has one right now that's really nice. I tried to get DH to wear it, but it was a no-go.
  3. If you want to get a real, high-quality fedora, you pretty much have to go to a milliner/hatmaker. It's rare to find a fine, well produced men's hat at a "mall" store. Also, a genuine fedora produced by a milliner can be quite expensive (in the 100-300 and up range, depending on the style) since they are often made from a felt produced from fur. How would you think he wouldwear it? If it you'd imagine him wearing it with just jeans and a t-shirt, you should go with a much less expensive and more wearible cotton fedora which you can likely find at stores like Urban Outfitters. However if he would wear it with a suit for going out once in a while, you should deffinatly go try to find a milliner. Hope this helped!
  4. Thank you so much Mr.Couturier! He wants a high quality fedora to wear with nice outfits. He has always wanted one but we have never been able to figure out where to buy one! I bought him a raffia one from Urban Outfitters that he's worn EVERY DAY this summer. No kidding. And it's held up really well!

    Are there many milleners left? I suppose I'd have to drive to the city anyway where I do most of my shopping. I've seen a lot of men wearing fedoras, they're very "in" right now. Come to think of it, I don't know why they were ever "out". Fedoras are so sexy!
  5. I bought my boyfriend a felted fedora at Lord & Taylor for Christmas. It's a nice quality hat by Country Gentleman. I agree that fedoras are sexy on a man, although I'm biased because I grew up on 1930s and 40s movies. :smile:
  6. I totally agree! Hats in general are fantastic, I think. The term is really uncommon, but I'm sure you'd be able to find a few hat makers if you're near a major city. I'd do some online searching for places before you adventure out though. Another possibility that might be more cost-efficient is shopping around vintage stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. People often donate things that their parents or grandparents had and they may not know what they're worth. You deffinatly have to dig and you need to be very decisive about possible problems, but you can find some really good pieces. Good luck! I wish people wore hats more often and it's nice to see some people with the same opinions!
  7. I believe that a man's hat is the ultimate accessory. A hat pulls together an outfit so well. Fedoras in particular give a man an air of confidence and old school charm. I'm going to start doing research so that the next time I drive to the city we can go to a high quality hat shop.

    Mr.Couturier, do you wear hats?
  8. In fact I do. I've gotten turned-off by hats (for no real reason) a while ago, but am deffinatly getting back into them. Although, I'm not quite what you'd call "traditional" or "classic" in my stylings though haha. I love hats with feathers...and styles from the 40s and 20s really just look so fantastic to me.

    What about you, Verbant_Goddess?
  9. It's funny that you used my name. You're the first! I just had Vlad change my name this morning because I decided I like my "usual" internet name chicbabacool better. It means chic hippie in French and it is the perfect description of my style.

    As for wearing hats myself, I do not. I like my hair too much :biggrin:. My boyfriend almost never goes outside without some type of hat. I bought him the raffia fedora because I thought it would be really nice for the summer. He actually HAD a very nice, vintage fedora that was handed down to him from his grandfather. It was stolen at a party (long story) and he's been without a fedora for over year. But not any longer!
  10. If you are ever around Madison Wisconsin their is a wonderful hat shop on state st. They make all of the hats.
  11. eugenia kim.
  12. i've seen diesel ones at this small boutique in toronto. maybe a diesel store would have them?
  13. Neiman Marcus online did carry them about a week ago.