Where are Coach shoes sold?

  1. I usually get most of my Coach shoes from Nordstrom...but what other stores carry Coach? I am DYING for a pair of Katelyn gold signature sneakers so I'm going on a hunt to find them wherever I can. Somebody help me pleeeeassee!! lol
  2. Macy's, Dillards and Bloomingdale's also carry Coach shoes. :yes:
  3. There is this place called DSW shoes and they sell shoes there too i got coach shoes for 55 dollars
  4. I wish my DSW sold Coach shoes. :cry:
  5. If you're military, the Navy Exchange. Some boutiques carry Coach shoes, not all.
  6. definitely Macy's and several DSW (I'd call first).
  7. Thanks for posting this- I was going to ask if any place other than Macys sold coach shoes. This is good info-
  8. do any of you oregon girls know if our dsw sells coach shoes? i've never been there before!
  9. Thanks guys!! Hopefully I can find them..
  10. also sak's off 5th carries [some]coach shoes
  11. Same here, ours doesn't.
  12. Some Belks also carry Coach shoes, that's where I got the pair that I have. :smile:
  13. Sometimes you'll find them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. And Gothamcityonline.com has them too.
  14. My Macys doesn't sell Coach shoes...bags yes, shoes no. :crybaby:

    Lord & Taylor sells them too!
  15. Filene's Basement and Loehmann's also carry Coach shoes.