Where are coach bags made?

  1. I am new to Coach and was wondering where the bags are made. I saw some posts that said its all made in China and my friend has a patchwork that I believe says make in Italy. Thanks for any clarification.
  2. Check the COACH site but last night on a page written by a seller of authentic she said many will try to pass of Coach with ITALY tags and they are fake.

    This was taken from catonahotpc (ebay seller)

    While Coach was at one time strictly made in the USA, they are currently being manufactured in several places. At the present time most Coach bags are made in China. Coach has been made in the US, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and more. While a few Coach bags were indeed made in Italy, I have NEVER seen an authentic Coach bag with a large rectangular paper tag attached that reads in large black letters “COACH – ITALY” as are so many of the counterfeits I’ve seen.
  3. I know some bags are made in Italy while most are in China.
  4. Turkey is ok too. Definitely NOT Korea.